About Us

About Us

We manufacture high-quality cables, bass speaker-cabinets, bass amplifiers, and pickups by hand for those who are serious about their tone. Our products are lovingly handcrafted from only the finest components available, and are the result of decades worth of research and experience.


Purism & Emotion

In the German city of Duisburg a company called Rheingold Music has dedicated itself to the most natural and uncolored sound reproduction possible.
All of their bass equipment is completely and carefully handcrafted with over 35 years of expertise from working for all kinds of brands.
Besides their all tube bass amplifiers and speaker cabinets this company also produces a variety of high-end cables for all audio applications.
The goal of their circuit designs as well as of their pristine accessories is to provide musicians with the highest quality sound reproduction possible 
and to preserve the sound of their instruments and their playing throughout the entire signal chain.
For that reason the Rheingold tube bass heads B40, B80, B100 and B300 are designed to be amps with a clean tone and no pre-amp overdrive. 

The difference between these models is their output power (as identified by the numeric value in the name) as well as their tube configuration.
Common in all models is the straightforward 3 band equalizer that can be used for basic sound modification.

Further sound tweaking is possible by using the integrated fx loop.
The result of this very puristic design is a very direct, powerful, dynamic and uncolored sound that is completely free of any background noise.

Because of the clever case design and ventilation concept these amps also do not need any cooling fans.
To hear this „acoustic-gold“ for real, which has been said to have already moved several musicians to spontaneous tears of joy, 
you can visit Custom Music Shop (CMS) in Duisburg - Germany.

Source: Bassquarterly 6/14